Monday, July 28, 2014

My Cousin's wedding

Several years ago, I was invited by my cousin James to attend to his wedding. Separated by thousands of miles, I was hesitant to go because I didn’t have the money for my airplane ticket. However, to my surprise, he provided my airfare.

It was in his wedding day with a reunion would happen. I expected that other members of his family would there to be introduced to me. It had been almost five years since I met them. It was the time for us to enjoy the moment.

I was observant in his wedding. Everything was orderly prepared at the reception. The decoration of the stage at the reception was captivating. Also, the tent that they used to further extend the area was amazing.

My cousin told me about the preparation of his wedding. He said that he was satisfied the service crew, dance floor, flooring and staging, and even the arrangement of the chairs. He also added the tent was rented at the

Surely, to hasten the preparation of such a big event, the service of a company is needed. Choosing the perfect services will produce impact in every occasion.

A wedding that is well-planned with ballroom that will emblazon the look from a visitor’s side can be crucial. Depending on the number of attendance in the wedding, a floor plan and theme can significantly alter the perception of the guests.

A properly designed tent for the party will absolutely make all the guests happy. Because of being wise in choosing the right tent for a given occasion, the event will always turn into success.

The tables, chairs and lightings are vital to the party. These things will affect the complete outlook of the event. No matter how wonderful the church wedding ceremony if the venue of the wedding is not properly arranged, the beauty of the occasion is not fully felt.

My Cousin's wedding