Monday, December 11, 2006

Kingdom of Tawalisi: it seems it existed!

I grabbed this conversation from Anda Messageboard in the website

Dario Bernardino: Hello mga kababayan. Until now I am intrigue by the History of Pangasinan most importantly about Princess Urduja. Kababasa ko lang sa Medyo di clear kung totoo nga si URduja pero ano po masasabi niyo. Meron nga po bang elephants sa Western Pangasinan noon lalo dito sa Anda? Grabe ngayon ko lang naiintindihan.

To Dario Bernardino- that ancient fossil of elephant called "Mastodon" was indeed discovered in Anda,Pangasinan. If you go to Philippine National Museum, near Luneta Park, you can verify this info. You can check this also with the Archives Dept. of Philippine National Library in T. M. Kalaw, Manila. Actually it was published in a foreign book and a photograph of the bone was there, mentioning our town where it was found. One of the noted archeologist, the late Dr. Otley Beyer confirmed that mastodon roam this part of the land during the ancient time. Mastodon is similar to "mammot" which roam the earth from 3.75 million to 11,000 years ago. Anda land existed many million years ago. Regarding what you call the elephants during the time of Princess Urduja, I think there was mix-up on the research of this particular writer. What is factual is that there is really an ancient bone of mastodon discovered in Anda, Pangasinan.

It's really an informative answer by Anonymous. Well, someday I'll visit the Philippine National Museum. It makes sense to believe that there was really a kingdom in western Pangasinan.