Monday, December 25, 2006

What Happened to Pantranco?

The eradication of buses mostly the routes going to Dagupan City from other towns like Pozorrubio, Binalonan, San Nicolas, and Urdaneta City is abruptly noticeable. Buses dominated the province for decades. But before they were pushed away by the most lean and comfortable vans, once upon a time there was a name which controlled the roads not only in Pangasinan but the whole northern Luzon.

Pantranco was the most popular bus company in northern Luzon. At the high peak of its speed in highways, it even surpasses what the Victory Liner is of today. It was not only in along the roads where Pantranco ruled but the prestigious and wide terminals it once have had which are bigger than malls were the evidence of being the "king of buses". Almost all the towns of Northern Luzon were covered by Pantranco.

It's been nearly two decades when all the terminals were closed but until now they call these places "Pantranco". In Manila the routes are still called: Cubao-Pantranco, Munoz-Pantranco, UP-Pantranco, and Lagro-Pantranco.

Ten years ago we passed those defected and rotten buses on our way from Bonuan Beach going to San Fabian. Also I always looked at the area along the stop light in downtown Dagupan that was the terminal of Pantranco which is now utilized as bus, jepneeys, and vans station.

It is really interesting for me because just recently I'd found out that the meaning of Pantranco is Pangasinan Transit Company. One of the fact that instigate me to write about it.

What happened to Pantranco? I don't have the accurate answer but the it is commonplace to hear, "It was owned by the Marcos cronies; when Marcos was gone so did the Pantranco".