Saturday, January 13, 2007

Gandalf Swords made by a Pozzorubian

One of the main characters in the trilogy Lord of the Rings is Gandalf as you see in the picture. According to the reporters in the video that I previously posted the swords used in the the Lord of the Rings were made in Pozzorubio. It was reported that Gandalf's sword was designed by the same person.

The designer Rodrigo Revote, 44, made the Gandalf swords used by "Frodo" and "Aragorn" in winning the throne of Gondor. His family moved from Pangasinan to his wife’s, Irene, hometown in Cabiao, Nueva Ecija, in 1985, with their two children.

The original Flavio (Poe’s main character in Ang Panday) was Servillano Revote, his deceased father who was a blacksmith himself.