Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Longest Bridge in Luzon

During the administration of Fidel V. Ramos which is from Pangasinan the roads around the province had improved dramatically. The widening and cementing significantly made the people satisfied. Furthermore, the vehicles move smoothly like never before.

One of the most important projects of Ramos as the president of the Philippines was the building of the 1.4 km. bridge connecting the towns of Asingan and Sta. Maria. It is considered to be the second longest bridge in the Philippines behind the San Juanico bridge.

It connects the towns of the District 5 to the District 6. Before a passenger from San Nicolas had to pass Tayug Sta Maria, Rosales, the Carmen bridge, and Villasis to go to Urdaneta. An estimated of 35-45 minutes of time travel has been eliminated by the bridge.

People from San Manuel would no longer dare to walk through the stones and waters of Agno river and passing Barangay San Rafael to San Nicolas. They will now utilize this road without stepping on the speedy water of the Agno river.