Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mount Paldingan, Binalonan

To claim that there is a mountain in this town is beyond geographic explanation though I can prove to you that the people of Binalonan have embraced and loved the scenic view of it.

Mount Paldingan is located at the northeast part of Binalonan near barangay Santa Catalina about 15 km. from the town proper.

It takes tremendous amount of effort and time to climb this mountain though it doesn't need any hiker's tools to reach the peak. All you need to have is a guide who knows the terrains.

The prize of the adventure is not satisfactory reaching the top but the going down the other side of the mountain where you can find the waterfalls and a river. To quench the thirst and to clean the sweat of the long walk and climb, the clear and fresh water is just what it takes.

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