Thursday, February 1, 2007

What happened to Alcala's world records?

ALCALA, Pangasinan (5 May 2006) -- All roads led to Alcala Saturday as people came to witness this town’s attempt to enter its name in the world map by putting up the world’s longest grill and the world’s longest barbecue for the Guinness Book.

Mayor Manuel Collado said after several dry runs, there is no doubt anymore that Alcala has broken the two world records of 32.84 or 107.7 feet for the longest grill and the 1007.56 or 13,305.54 feet for the world’s longest barbecue.

The longer grill record was put up by the residential home Haus Ostertal at St.Wendel Werschweiler Germany as part of its 10th anniversary on May 14, 2004.
Source: PIA

I was impressed and amazed last year by the people of Alcala for the attempt of breaking two world records of the longest grill and the longest barbecue.

I haven't heard any news if it was certified by the Guinness Book. Any news about this? Hopefully you will post some comments here.