Saturday, January 6, 2007

Agno Pangasinan's Umbrella Rocks

"Come with us in Agno Pangasinan", said uncle Danny. "We will go to the beach and see the umbrella rocks".

"Nope, I can't travel that long, I'll just swim here in the river and play with the rocks and sands instead", I replied.

That conversation was 25 years ago. Uncle Danny brought some of their pictures and aghastly said, "Wow beautiful, it is really true about the rocks, I hope I went with you, anyway there are more days ahead, I'll be with you the next time".

Since then I have never stepped in the land of Agno. That was a quarter century ago.

I may never have to go to Agno but I really desire someday, there are quality images that we can look around now because of the digital technology. There are images available online of Agno Pangasinan.

Agno Pangasinan is 28 kilometers away from Alaminos Pangasinan, the home of the Hundred Island National Park. The umbrella rocks are found in Sabangan Norte.

I'll be there. Someday I'll say, "I was there".

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