Monday, December 4, 2006

Whatever happened to Puyao?

I am still wondering why the beautiful place called "Puyao" is not very popular now a days. It was a nature gifted where many had chosen to held their picnics, relaxations, and adventures in the 80's and 90's.

Located at the eastern part of the town of San Nicolas, Puyao had transfixed the eyes of thousands because of the awesome river that flows beside the mountainous terrain. Coupled with the large rocks that a tourists can hang in and take photos at the middle of the river, it was an astounding place. The trees that stood near the water had given such comfort to the people. Also the clear water couldn't stop anybody to swim and enjoy.

It was not only the river, rocks, and trees that factors in. The mountain also had a great impact why many wanted to go there. Groups can have an adventure by climbing.

In my recollection, Puyao had one time the venue of National Boy Scout Jamboree. Since then I haven't heard of this place anymore.

What happened? I just really don't know the answer.