Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Sabangan: A wonderful place in San Nicolas

I remember the rocky and dusty roads from barangay San Rafael to the town proper of San Nicolas in which Kalesa, a horse drawn carriage, was the main transportation early in the 80's.

"Insan dalian mo, hininihintay tayo ng kalesa ni uncle Berting", says my cousin.
Of course we would be having a picnic with my uncle Boy's 'kumpadres' in the place called Sabangan. This was a small river or in vernacular "ubbog" at the end part of San Rafael just before hitting the Agno river in the 80's. I was going there to play and swim with my cousins. It was our paradise during our childhood, a clear flowing water with fishes and shrimps. Also, collecting stones was my favorite, not a stone (pag-isiso) to rub our body.

How could I forget the food they presented. The "bunog" was one of the recipes. Also the "gabi" or "daludal" was cooked well to suffice my starvation that day. Unexpectedly,it was my first time to try the "jumping salad", shrimps that are jumping and are eaten alive.
It was more on playing in the water that day so time ran fast that we had to go home. Our ride again was Uncle Berting's kalesa. Though we stopped sometimes to grab fruits of Camachille that's along the way.

The best part of this travel was the "caterpillar" ride at the Ambayoan river. With the big rocks on the road, the kalesa trembled so many times that pumps my heart and my body alive as the horse keeps pulling us.

One of the place that's unforgettable, Sabangan. Is it still there today?