Saturday, December 2, 2006

Life riding in a bus 7 years ago

I got to wait 15 minutes for the bus to leave going Dagupan. Along the way the bus had to stop 20 to 30 times to pick-up and unload passengers until it reaches Manaoag. The vehicle had to fill up the all the seats, this would take 15-20 minutes and sometimes more.

While enjoying the view outside as the bus moves smoothly after two minutes, someone yelled "PARA!". My head went forward unexpecting the urgent stop. Three minutes later, I saw two students waving their hands in the roadside. "Again!", I said angrily as it picked up.

Suddenly we passed a smoky area. Stinky! A garbage dumpsite was being burned. Oh no, my perfumed was dissolved immediately. Instantaneously, the dust came hovering us, the road was under construction.
It took me 1 hour and 45 minutes from Pozzorubio to reach Dagupan City.

All the showered I got early now was filled with perspiration, dust and dizziness as I walked to get a ride going to the school. The Estee Lauder was changed into Stinky Lauder. It was really an awful travel when riding in a bus. Importantly, as long as I reach my destination I would be happy inspite all the time wasted.

Riding in a bus is exciting but excruciating.