Sunday, December 17, 2006

Princess Urduja vs. Prinsesa Kabontatala

Local historian Restituto Basa wants to change the name of the building that was after Princess Urduja? I disagree with this suggestion or proposal.

First of all, Princess Urduja has been a part of the history of Pangasinan. Whenever they mentioned Urduja they wouldn't forget Pangasinan. One of the reasons we are prominent worldwide is because of Urduja.

Secondly, Dr. Jose Rizal claimed the location of the kingdom Tawalisi where Urduja ruled here in our province. Basa is like saying he is better than Rizal.

Thirdly, let us understand that Princess Urduja's story has inspired millions of people around the world especially women.

Furthermore, the story of the Princess is the crown jewel of the history of Pangasinan.

I know nothing of Prinsesa Kabontatala nor never read of her. To give her place in history by removing one that's already there is one act foolishness.